As time progresses, women are becoming more self-conscious about their genital appearance. Labiaplasty is a popular procedure to reshape and reduce the appearance of the labia. While a large labia isn’t necessarily abnormal, the size is a personal preference due to comfort and confidence. Labiaplasty surgery is a body procedure which involves altering or removing excess vaginal tissue.

Having large labia folds can result in several physical discomforts such as tugging during sexual intercourse or other activities like biking, or while wearing tight clothing. Other women might experience lack of self-esteem due to large labia folds and want to have the procedure for cosmetic reasons.

Most patients are born with prominent labial folds. However, some women experience tearing or stretching of the labia during childbirth, accidents, or age. No matter the cause, Dr Thendo can address it.

In a traditional setting, a labiaplasty generally involves eliminating excess labia tissue, which is done by either trimming the affected tissue from the labia or by eliminating a wedge of the labia and bringing the two ends together to reform the natural border. During the procedure process, Dr Thendo can also address the symmetry and shape of the labia. Stitches are put in place to maintain the new formation until it heals.

With any surgical procedure, it is essential to follow the specific care instructions to decrease the risk of any difficulties. You will most likely be able to return to work a week after your procedure, and Dr Thendo suggests that you avoid sexual intercourse for six to eight weeks.

Your recovery time depends on your particular procedure technique and the natural healing process. Some patients can expect initial discomfort and swelling, but that should subside within a few weeks.