Breast Reconstruction

During breast reconstruction surgery, Dr Thendo aims to rebuild the breast tissue that was removed. The reconstruction is usually done using a breast implant, or excess tissue from another part of the body. The purpose of the restoration is to make breasts look as natural and balanced as possible under clothing.

Breast reconstruction surgery is especially beneficial for women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer - women who require a mastectomy to remove the breast tissue, or a lumpectomy to remove the tumour and surrounding tissue.

Women who have a genetic predisposition to breast cancer and choose to remove the breast tissue to prevent the disease from developing will also benefit from reconstruction surgery.

With improved techniques, breast reconstruction methods and new medical materials and technologies, there are many options. Surgeons can recreate a breast during the mastectomy or after.

Dr Thendo will discuss which reconstruction method is best for you during your consultation and will consider your preferences, as well as your body shape, any prior surgeries, your current medical condition and your cancer treatment needs.

Breast reconstruction is generally an elective process. Some women decide to only undergo mastectomy without having a reconstruction. Other's will choose to have their reconstruction long after their mastectomy. Multiple options are available for restoration.